Halong Bay Discovery

Halong Bay is one of seven new wonders of nature. Coming Ha Long is a way let you come closer to Mother Nature. All place in Halong is so beautiful as fairy landscape.

>> Son Doong- the world’s largest cave

* A cruise to Halong Bay where you’ll spend a night. We were fortunate to visit more remote Lan Ha bay last April. Sadly, this route is no more available.

* A visit to a local fisherman community where you’ll learn about their way of living.
There are around 1,600 locals living in so-called fishing villages, which are basically groups of floating houses and crab farms built on the water. Some of fishermen were born here and have never touched land; you can hear more of their curious stories and taste some of their hand made rice wine in their floating “living rooms.”

* Kayaking among limestone karsts
We got some pretty overcast weather on our trip in Halong Bay, but the scenery was nevertheless spectacular, except for counting a few plastic bottles when we approached the area where more boats arrive.
* A visit of Hang Quân Y aka Hospital Cave on the Cat Ba Island
Thanks to its location, Halong Bay and the numerous caves surrounding it served as a refuge and a hospital for soldiers during the Vietnam War. Hospital Cave on the Cat Ba island is a bit quirky, yet a very impressive place. You’ll be guided by a professional tour guide through various caves, and tunnels, and learn about a bomb-proof hospital and a secret safe-house for top leaders, who apart from hiding from their enemies, also entertained themselves in an underground cinema and a small swimming pool.

* A short cooking class on-board
* Your private cabin with a hot shower and toilette
Depending on your budget, you can pick different types of rooms and enjoy the trip to Halong Bay in a cosy cabin designed with typical Vietnamese ornaments and materials.

* Local cuisine on board
All dishes provided on-board are freshly cooked, using local ingredients and recipes. One (soft) drink per meal is included in the price. All extra drinks, beers and fruit shakes you pay additionally.
* English speaking guide
The landscape of Halong Bay has been forming for about 500 million years. The area is huuuuge, and covers more than 1.500 square kilometres with approximately 2,000 islets. That said, on your one or two day trip to the bay you’ll explore only tiny scratch of it.
And yet, a cruise can give you that very exclusive feeling of experiencing a realm of existence where legends were born, and letting you witness the power of Mother Nature. She knows indeed how to impress us tiny human beings.

Summer is coming, Ha Long Bay definitely becomes a cool place for you. Stay and discover landscape in Halong, we sure that you would have a memorable time in here.